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The Women of the Old West End, founded in 1969, has been organized to promote and stabilize
racially and economically integrated urban living in the Old West End  of Toledo, Ohio; to improve 
the safety and security of the Old West End residents and property; to improve the quality of
education for children within the Old West End; to improve the accuracy of information about
the Old West End within and without its  boundaries; to preserve the historic and aesthetic
qualities of  the Old West End within and without its boundaries; and to provide a means
for people to meet one another and nurture friendships.


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The Women of the Old West End, Inc. will host its principal fundraiser - Tours de Noel, a
Christmas home tour the first Sunday in December.



In the past few years, by using funds generated from Tours de Noel and other events, the
Women of the Old West End have:

  • financed the production and televising of commercials promoting the quality of life in the Old West End
  • adopted the Old West End Commons Park
  • sponsored neighborhood restoration projects, including a house on Glenwood Ave.
  • awarded scholarships and tutoring of students from Glenwood Elementary School
  • created a neighborhood information packet for corporate relocation departments and realtors
  • sponsored camperships, Red Cross Summer Camps, the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts and Central United Methodist's after-school program
  • organized the neighborhood's Tree Lighting ceremony in the Old West End Commons and the neighborhood Glitter 'n Glow outdoor lighting contest 

          Collectively and individually, WOWE has given time, talent and treasure in support of:

  • Kent Branch Library
  • Neighborhoods in Partnership
  • Old West End Association and its Summer Festival & Jazz in The Arboretum
  • The International Institute
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Grace Community Center
  • Historic Preservation Society
  • Agnes Reynolds Jackson Arboretum
  • Old West End Security Patrol
  • The Old West End Commons Park
  • Old West End Newsletter
  • Glenwood School (tutoring and books)
  • Boy Scouts Troups # Old West End
  • Girl Scouts
  • Scott High School Girls Basketball Clinic

and numerous projects in support of our mission.

WOWE meets on the first Wednesday of each month in members homes.  All neighbors are welcome.

Preserving our Old West End Historic District Landscape Petition, Toledo Ohio

If you support any of the ideas below please click the link to sign the online petition and make your voice heard.

  • Reducing the width of Collingwood Avenue in order to return Collingwood to a more
    residential street more in character with the main "wood" streets in the Old West End
    Historic District.
  • Preserving the historic landscape of our neighborhood by protecting and preserving the large
    canopy trees, which is possible if Collingwood is narrowed and returned to an earlier epoch
    with a wider tree lawn.
  • Maintaining historic sidewalk width in the same location, not reduced to "city standards" of
    five feet or less.  We do not want sidewalks placed against the curb that are not pedestrian
    friendly in a neighborhood the encourages walkers, pets, and baby strollers.
  • Disagree with the idea that there are no "adverse effects" to the residential fabric of the Old
    West End Historic District by cutting down mature trees, moving sidewalks, forever changing
    our cultural landscape and appearance.  Restructuring Collingwood Avenue for traffic volumes
    that will never again exist, since the construction of expressways carrying car and truck
    traffic around this historic Toledo neighborhood is not respectful to our historic heritage.

Click here:   http://signon.org/sign/preserving-our-old-west?source=s.em.cr&r_by=1256800&mailing_id=3893






P.O. Box 4745
Toledo, Ohio 43620
Email: tonismoore@gmail.com 

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